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The game is fine and the art looks cool. I think this should have better keyboard controls. I understand that the game was thought for remote control, but it would be good if this recognize if one is connected or not. About keyboards, space is more useful for jump, so i got a little confused xD. But besides that, everything else was beauty and fun, good work.

I hope it comes with more mechanics.

hi. sorry about that. the final product is supposed to automatically detect the input used by the player. so, if you are using keyboard, the tutorial will show "X" to jump instead of showing "A". 

we thought the space key to jump is suitable for controlling with WASD. some platformer game like Celeste use C for jump. but sure, we will consider to add an option to rebind the keyboard keys. 😊

anyway, thank you for playing!

I didn't mind the keyboard controls because they were also similar to Hollow Knight. For some reason, when Wispy had taken over an enemy I would use space to jump though and then end up in spikes :P