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Oh yeah! Thanks for playing :D.

I'm happy because you liked. The last level is difficult, because is the last level! And the satisfaction you have once you win is more, your comment confirmed me.

Again, thanks for playing :).

The game is fine and the art looks cool. I think this should have better keyboard controls. I understand that the game was thought for remote control, but it would be good if this recognize if one is connected or not. About keyboards, space is more useful for jump, so i got a little confused xD. But besides that, everything else was beauty and fun, good work.

I hope it comes with more mechanics.

Muchas gracias! Me gusta mucho invertir tiempo en mejorar las interacciones con el personaje, pero en esta ocasión no me dio el tiempo, igualmente el hecho de no poder moverte cuando estás saltando fue a propósito xD.

Jajaja está interesante, pero sólo por curiosidad dejé que se apilen hasta llegar a mí, pero no me mataron, sería bueno presentar un contador de cuantos se matan y que uno pueda morir. Además cuando dejé que se apilen y al darme cuenta que yo no moría, maté a todos y vi que no siguieron apareciendomás, muy curioso.

Thanks for the feedback! :D

You`re right i`ll upload after for Mac and Linux, and the idea of the camera is nice. The directions of flashlight too, i would have to paint the character in some angles and work more, but in the future i will do all.

So the maze have a final, you have to outwit a one monster to cross to the end... and it's hard, I know xD, that's why I'll also design a shorter level`s.

In this time i learn much in the week so i`m happy to continued :D

Jajaj it's not a bug, I just have fun because some eggs fall out. Sorry for my confusion between eggs and chicks

Your game is awesome chicks fall off the ground sometimes xD

I will export to linux and all platforms today ;)

Thank you for the feedback :D

Oh i see, i learn something new, thanks again for everything, i will fix the problem and uploaded again when the time of rate be finish.

ok now I already exported for all devices and HTML5, I had not done it because I thought I needed to download specific templates. Now I am prepared for whatever comes :D.

I can only modify the game here in when the rate time is over, right?

Hi, see the behavior here

I don`t understand why in your pc the jump is to low, thanks for the feedback.

In part it was what I was looking for and in part it is a bad level design, since the ideal is that the player knows what he is doing, but just for that I appreciate your feedback.

I also understand the confusion of the keys, in the beginning I had it in another way and I changed it to space because I thought it was a key with easier access.

Again, thanks for the feedback :)

Thank you, i wil try in the next Jam, i cant now for the time, only have the settings of windows.

Oh seriusly? o.O the platformers i made sure to put in a correct position to jump in, just to be clear the platforms have a one_way_collision, so you can jump from below, try again please. T_T

Wow this is a beauty game, have everythin like me, ghost and puzzles. xD

The levels have a great difficult curve, congrats!

Is a great game, i like ghosts and transformation.

The idea is great! In the beginning i  was confused, and now i'm still confused yed in little things, the sprites are very little so i don`t see them well. It will be great if you fix the size and show an tutorial in the start

Hello! Your game is cute, feel like a secret project in the space, i like more the levels Landers, it would be great if there were more of that. :D

The game is cool but very hard, is difficult to me pass only one level and i die fast, but the idea is great!

Oh! my game will be shown on your YT channel? that are awesome.

I was play your game of GMTK and oh surprise, is a puzzle! You are great. :)

Thank you! I like to play puzzles and I know that most people were going to do trolls platforms. Then I looked for riddles on the internet and expanded the idea :D

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This game is incredible and very fun!! Is unic and masterpiece :D

I come late but whatever, i participate in the Jam too with the game "Who is who?".

Your game is very cool! The art is dark and beauty and the atmosphere is scary. Is hard to pass, so you've achieved your goal, the big heart trap surprised me xD.

Hi, your history is realy sad, but is cool the intro, i imagine do that cost much time in the week. The levels was difficult to me because i don`t understand nice the audio and if i die quickly the sounds overlap. My recommendation is put the phrase in letters and obviusly manage the sounds when die. 

The game in general is cool :D

Thank you! 😃

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Hi, i don't want rates, i want critics for my game, i no promise i'll play yours, so i only go to play some of the games of the people comment in this tropic. 

What i want is people who want play a game and review that.

My game is a little puzzle with aceptable sprites and repetitive music, is a game for brain, i like the comments of the people who played before the game, so now i share you mine.

Hello, what is your youtube chanel?

My game is a little puzzle, so playing to have fun!

Thank you Lubaka for your comment. You're right, the music i created in few hours before the time finish, and i'm bad in that xD.

I'm happy because you liked the game 😃

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Thanks for the feedback Dan Zaidan, it makes me happy that you like it.

There are only 10 levels for now, and no, aren't be a random levels because all require certain conditions and the algorithm would be very long. But in the future i'm plain implement more levels, for now its only that.

I'll play your game and write a opinion after, very thanks again 😃

Hello! This is my first jam and i'm happy too, is very glad to complete that.

My game is a little riddle-puzzle, short and cute to have fun! Thanks a lot for you iniciative and be sure you have fun.

Hello! My game is for windows so you have to download, but is short and cute! Pls have fun, thanks a lot.

@Ms.RedNebula hello again, thanks for playing my game, rate this pls and have fun!

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Hello! My game is a riddle-puzzle and is short and cute, please playing it and have fun!

Thanks a lot 😃


I already posted my game, is short and cute, thanks for your interest, here i share the link:

I already finish and uploaded my game!!

This is my first public game and my first Jam and i'm happy for finished. The art of the game is very simple, i wanted to make better but the time played a joke to me ja ja. 

The game is playable, so i invite you to play now, is short and fun. Thanks for everyone!

Hello everyone 😃

My idea is a riddle, and, i'm not speak more 😂.

Here i show you guys the little progress i  already do today.

Psdt: the art is very difficult to me.