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hi. actually, you can change the direction of the attack with your Left Joystick or Arrow Keys. So, you can attack the boss safely from bottom with the upward attack. We are sorry didn't introduce this on the tutorial.

hi. sorry for that. the instruction in game is for XBox Controller. If you are using keyboard, use these keys:

Controls - Keyboard

  • Move Kimo: Arrow Keys
  • Jump: X
  • Attack: C
  • Move Wispy: WASD
  • Interact: hold V or Space

hey, it's quite interesting to watch a playthrough video with non English commentary. 😁 thank you for playing!

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7:50 It is supposed to be a hidden area but it's not ready yet and I forgot to block it. It allows you to go there but the camera won't follow.

14:50 It seems a little bug but people find it quite often. Not only in the boss battle, this bug may appear after possessing enemy.

16:25 I think something is wrong with the camera script so it won't trigger the end screen the first time. I will look into that.

17:35 Hey you are right. I didn't notice it before. I'm not sure what causing it but I will try to fix that.

Hell no. Your spec is more than enough to play this little game. 😁

Thank you for playing and your feedback is super useful!

Sorry for that. We will add the save game feature to the next build. Thank you for playing. πŸ˜

You are not alone. πŸ˜ Some players feel it's quite hard, but some other said it is fun and challenging. we will consider to make a new option to change the difficulty of the game.

Ah, we will surely add the save game feature to the next build. Thank you for playing. πŸ˜

Sorry, there won't be a linux version for now. But since the game doesn't need so much resource I think using Wine will be fine.
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You will get the hang of it. It's a quite simple platformer game. Happy playing! 😁

I'm sorry, for the demo build, there won't be a mac version. but the final version, it will be available for PC, Mac, and consoles. 😁😁

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thank you for playing!

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it's only an alpha demo. the final version won't be free. but don't worry, it won't be expensive. 😁😁

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that is too kind. this game is nothing compared to Hollow Knight (I'm a huge fan btw). thank you for your kind words. please feel free to give us feedback/suggestion. we would like to listen more to platformer/metroidvania fans. thank you for playing. πŸ˜Š

hi. sorry about that. the final product is supposed to automatically detect the input used by the player. so, if you are using keyboard, the tutorial will show "X" to jump instead of showing "A". 

we thought the space key to jump is suitable for controlling with WASD. some platformer game like Celeste use C for jump. but sure, we will consider to add an option to rebind the keyboard keys. 😊

anyway, thank you for playing!

hi! thank you for playing. I've watched the video. and sure, feel free to contact me (via this page or discord) if you want to give any additional feedback later. 😁

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don't worry, you are not alone! 😁 some players feel it's quite hard, but some other said it is fun and challenging. we will consider to make a new option to change the difficulty of the game.

thank you for playing! πŸ˜€

Thank you for playing! So glad you enjoyed it. 😁

Hi! Sure, you can contact me on my personal email then: 


lololol tq 😁

hi, I didn't expect someone will actually read this devlog, lmao.

yes, the game is indeed relatively short (5-6 hours) compared to other platformer/metroidvania game like Ori and The Blind Forest (it took me around 8-9 hours). it's because we plan to release the game as soon as possible. if we want to add another content in the future, it will be a free DLC. it's similar to what Hollow Knight did. 😁

halo teman-teman. terima kasih sudah mampir. salam gamedev Indonesia! πŸ’ͺ😁

Awesome video! Your reaction to the spider legs is hilarious. πŸ˜‚ Watching people enjoying the game always gives us more motivation and energy. πŸ’ͺ Thank you for playing!

thank you. such a great play, sir!  currently, the story is made by.. well.. the programmer πŸ˜‚.  we probably need to hire a real writer to write the better story for this game. 😁

all graphics are made with photoshop 😁


Someone on our discord says the same about the difficulty to identify some foreground/background. We will try to fix it on the next build. Anyway, thank you for playing!

You are probably the first person that experienced the music bug. Anyway, that is a good playthrough. I genuinely laughed when I saw your reaction facing the spider the first time. πŸ˜‚
Thank you for playing! 

Wow, such a good play through. I'm sorry that so much bugs appear there. 😁 We will fix it soon. Thank you for playing!

thank you for playing our game! 😍

thank you! 😍

very nicely done!
but at some point my creatures stop following me. I think I'm not a good pet owner lmao.