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Slight spoiler to the short demo that it is.
Nice demo! I loved the amount of dialogue you got from examining each item (more than one, which is just not enough), and that it was easy to access each one (no silly animation that would delay each one from displaying). Speaking of which, maybe a slight indicator that a dialogue/choice is displaying would be great? (ex: textbox background changing color to be slightly darker, while general interact/collect item could be lighter)

The reddish monochrome instantly filled the atmosphere with mood and atmosphere that the lack of backstory couldn't provide (Who is our main character? What were him and Greg doing before this? Why is Greg telling us so much info!?). It was much better than Fallout 3's puke-green colors, because desaturated red atleast conveyed the proper mood... but might be wrong there.
    As for the writing, Nicholas seems to know his way around the wasteland and has been seasoned around it, but the dialogue choices don't feel to shape his character significantly yet. I was pretty amazed of his dilligence to loot part of a ventilation shaft (or was he trying to enter it?), that he finds a way to use practically anything.

Another thing I'll note is that the font rendering looks a bit strange(as in not smoothed), even in fullscreen. It was a bit discomforting at 1366x768.

My playthrough was around 10 minutes, so didn't exactly pry and toss each of the game's choices, and so my thoughts about it aren't really impartial.

Overall, the game looks promising! I have a need for point-and-click adventures that let you actually examine items instead of glancing at it by commenting only one line of dialogue. Definitely hope you continue working on it!


Thank you for trying out our game, it's kttdestroyer here (siema!) and I am the writer, though I didn't wrote the original setting (this I wrote afterwards) , I have written the rest and I assure you it will be most interesting and suspensional! ;) Again thank you very much for your review and we do listen to your comments, especially from a fellow fonline 2238 player that I have interacted with personally :)

wait, siema?