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This is quite interesting in that you need to keep ingredients and choose what to craft as you progress forward. RNG is the largest foe to the player, but they can strategically outsmart enemies by choosing where to move for their specific instance with the "they move when you move" mechanic.

Nice job!


Thank you for the feedback!

The thing with RNG is definitely very true at the moment. I got carried away with adding potions with special effects that I ended up having less than half in the list actually dealing damage. And since loot is uniformly distributed you may very easily end up in situations where you just can’t make anything that can kill things.

On the other hand this is also a good thing, I didn’t want it to be just a “Sit and aim potions at enemies until they’re all dead simulator”. Lacking the means to kill them sometimes forces you to use all the other means you have to avoid them and progress further to look for more chests.