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Wonderful! I'm such a sucker for fantasy drama, especially queer fantasy drama, and this definitely delivers. I love the world-building, feels very natural, and makes me feel like there's much more to the story than I've gotten to see so far. The sprites are very expressive, and I especially love the subtle changes in Sigurn's face.

On a queer note, I really appreciate the slight uncertainty Sigurn and Thistle have about Thistle's identity, without any suggestion that this uncertainty invalidates their gender(s or lack thereof?). It's good to see people given the space to just be.

So overall, a great experience. Also, although I don't need the accessibility features myself, it's great that you've included them. What a place to end the demo, though?!! My heart....!! That's certainly one way to make sure I'll be waiting for updates, haha.

(Side note: It might be worth adding alcohol use or drunkenness to the content warnings, just in case. Even though it's not alcohol abuse, some folks might still appreciate a heads-up that it's there.

Also, sorry if this comment shows up more than once, I had trouble making it post.)


thank you so much for the feedback!

Thistle is what in our time might be called genderfluid, but as the setting is early medieval fantasy, we felt it more natural to show the ambiguity and fluctuation specific to them rather than fall back on a label. we're glad you appreciated that!

as for the ending, we were maybe a little too cruel. but the full release will definitely extend the story past that little cliffhanger ;)

and lastly, content warning added to the page and soon the demo itself. thanks for catching that!