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Yeah I think some additional explanation would have helped. It's hard to guess exactly how the reactions are supposed to happen. I like the look, other than some weird shiny objects.

Also some bugs and stuff:

When you hold some objects they collide with you and push you backwards at quite the speed. The main menu canvas isn't set to stretch to fill so its boxed in by black borders (I reccommend you guys look into Doozy UI, standard Unity UI sucks). The animation for changing direction is a nice addition but it stops you dead, which doesn't feel great.

I think this idea could work but its super clunky right now, but its a gamejam so I understand.

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Thank you for the feedbacks! Unfortunately we joined Game Off 2019 really late and did what we could in these few days. After the voting period ends, we will fix the major bugs and continue developing it if we understand there is some potential!