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Chaos, fun and mayhem through chemical reactions!
Submitted by LogosLudos — 6 minutes, 25 seconds before the deadline
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Theme interpretation#992.6232.833

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Submitted (2 edits)

The graphics is good I'll give this that. I know the struggle of creating 3D models so I guess a 3D game with good 3D model earns my respect. The rest though... well I guess many of the flaws of the game can be attributed to joining the jam quite late...

I'm not chemistry expert man... Idk what happens when element x react with element y - all I know is that alkaline metals explode in water... Tho IIRC elemental fluorine is not supposed to stand alone, and fluorine in compound don't really readily react like in the first one when fluorine reacts with antimony. You really should put a book containing the list of possible reactions in the game man... or at least a book that fills up as more reactions are done.

The control can unfortunately be quite awkward, especially combined with the camera movement - though I guess I have never made 3D games so idk how hard it is to program 3rd person camera; so I guess I won't complain too much here... Also at one point there was a bug when my character was for some reasons moving backwards and so the control was reversed... dunno how to recreate the bug

Innovation wise I... guess this one is very creative! Making reactions and stuffs to escape prison...

The theme interpretation I don't understand... what does this have to do with leaps and bounds? Bounded by prison?

By the way you CAN update this game during this rating period. I think I will check this game again later this month - probably I can be more generous next time.


Thank you for the review Ran! Unfortunately we added the possible reactions and the components to the Codex, but the build didn't include them for who knows what! About the chemistry, the thing that is not so "clear" (because we didnt have time to implement the narrative) it's that the ancient thing you find in the cell is capable of getting the chemical components from the objects and to use them by combining them or create reactions. For example the fluorine and antimony are used to create a superacid called fluoroantimonic acid! About the theme interpretations "leaps and bound" means also a great leap forward. In this sense the ancient object makes you do a great leap forward in terms of knowledge and skills. For the bugs, we're investigating on what caused them, now that we have more time!

I checked the FAQ and I've seen that it's not possible to make changes apart from small bugfixes, do you think we could update it?


Shoot... I just read the FAQ...

I actually updated my game, and just very recently reverted the game to its original state. Dang :(


Yeah I think some additional explanation would have helped. It's hard to guess exactly how the reactions are supposed to happen. I like the look, other than some weird shiny objects.

Also some bugs and stuff:

When you hold some objects they collide with you and push you backwards at quite the speed. The main menu canvas isn't set to stretch to fill so its boxed in by black borders (I reccommend you guys look into Doozy UI, standard Unity UI sucks). The animation for changing direction is a nice addition but it stops you dead, which doesn't feel great.

I think this idea could work but its super clunky right now, but its a gamejam so I understand.

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for the feedbacks! Unfortunately we joined Game Off 2019 really late and did what we could in these few days. After the voting period ends, we will fix the major bugs and continue developing it if we understand there is some potential!


Don't really know how should this game be played, I think it lack some explanation


Hey Onnion, we're very sorry but the description didn't update with the commands that you can use in the game. The goal is to escape the prison by trying to combine the chemical components inside common objects that you find around the map!