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Thank you for your feedback!

The controls in general seem to be a challange to a lot of people and not as intuitive as I had hoped. I plan to add better feedback to the player as to what they might be doing wrong. 

I like your suggestion of keeping moves on the screen!

As for your analog stick suggestions:

Right now I feel, that the analog stick is not precise enough, but I'll keep your idea in mind and will keep experimenting.

When you say "snake strike", do you mean this? 

I also think, that this still needs a way better explanation and more feedback to the player. I already have something in mind here.

I will do a devlog once I implement the changes. Would be cool, if you could give me feedback then again!

Cheers :)

No worries.

I think any different control scheme will be unintuitive. All you need, I think, is to give people enough time to get used to it, preferably without pausing every 5 seconds to look up the moves!

Regarding the analog stick: you're probably right, since you've tried it. Either way, it shouldn't hurt to implement it and give people the option? (not sure how much work this is, maybe it's simply not worth the trouble). But the button presses may also become easier with more use, so no pressure there.

Haha yeah, I meant the perfect strike.

I definitely think the biggest problem is feedback. Once the player knows what's going wrong, it's easier to correct.

Will do, good luck!