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Awesome entry. Love the witty writing and simple mechanics. I got stuck after I got the conch though, didn't really get what to do next. Also there were some bugs and I ended up getting softlocked at some points but thats to be expected I guess.

thanks for playing! could you provide more context around what happened with the bugs? would love to get those resolved.

So in the horde defence stage I shot the first few birds and then nothing else spawned and I couldn't exit the scene. Another one was when I tried quickly clicking through the dialogue in the hub area. That ended up opening like 6 or more dialogues and I couldn't close them all and could no longer click on the doors. In general you could fix a lot of stuff with more input checking. I was able to spam click on the deer for example, making him sing like 500 times and freezing his anim. Oh and I didn't really get how to use the conch so I didn't finish the game.  Was there an explanation that I missed or sth?

thanks for the feedback! i posted an update that should hopefully address some of those spam clicking issues with doors and dialog boxes.