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Hmm, that's unfortunate, sorry about that!

I just tested the web version under Chrome/Firefox and they still work for me, same for the Windows/Dreamcast versions. Is the problem with the web version again? If so, if it wouldn't be too much of a hassle, could you open the debug console (CTRL+Shift+J in both browsers) and see if there is anything weird in the output? For example, this is how it looks for me under Chrome:

If there's another error, something like "couldn't load X" that might help explain it. Otherwise it might have just been because Fighter Hero 4 uses an earlier version of the web environment, the newer ones run better (hopefully). Once again sorry you had the black screen!

i'm on My Xbox One Microsoft Edge App is there away i could fix Fighter Hero 4 from There Captain Dreamcast


Oh, I see, it's Edge. Still works on PC for me, might be something with the Xbox?

I've updated Fighter Hero 4 to the newest version, does it work now? It should run the same way as What if now, so it should work.

Once again sorry for the black screen and thanks for the debugging help!