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Hi, it seems the game has problems when running fullscreen on 144hz monitors? CPU usage is a ton, and thrusts speed up much faster then when I played on my old monitor.

hmm, I don't have a 144hz monitor to test with, I'm not sure how Construct handles high refresh rates, I think perhaps the game is coded without delta time frame-rate independence. The game is designed for 60fps essentially. I'll have a look into what I can do to fix this.

Thanks for looking into it! In the meantime, it works with changing refresh rate to 60hz in the video card settings.

That's good to hear you can get it working, let me know however if you want a refund I think the issue is too big for me to fix right now.

I actually got it (and beat it!) during the free giveaway few years back 😅 Strolled back for a replay haha. No worries, the workaround is simple enough!

oh nice! Thanks for playing :D