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Hello Flash - I'm not sure what libraries are required, the game was made using Construct 2 which is a HTML based engine - the desktop build was made using NodeWebkit - is this useful?

Neat idea, spent a while playing, fun!

oh great will try that now thank you

Is it possible to add a PNG export for this I want to use it for 2D game engines :)

heheh yeah it's a hard b*stard

There's some addons that let you do that - or you could on creation of the object, spawn a shadow object on a different layer and pin it to the main object.

By all means hint away :)

Yeah controller definitely prefered way of playing it :)


oh nice! Thanks for playing :D

That's good to hear you can get it working, let me know however if you want a refund I think the issue is too big for me to fix right now.

hmm, I don't have a 144hz monitor to test with, I'm not sure how Construct handles high refresh rates, I think perhaps the game is coded without delta time frame-rate independence. The game is designed for 60fps essentially. I'll have a look into what I can do to fix this.

Cool! Would like to see it :)

Oh does this link work? I took it down but I should put it back up.

cool! That's awesome to watch! Good score you rode the high speeds there for a while.

Thanks for the compliments on the audio, there's nothing fancy going on but I think the choices in design and music make it feel more dynamic than it really is.


Thank you for the kind words. The white things has come up before, I thought to force the player to touch them but it seems it causes some frustration in some players. I might stop them spinning to make them look more friendly :)

UGH how annoying! Can you please tell me your system specs / OS etc? Feel free to mail me at // happy to do a refund too.

hmm strange sorry to hear that, how long have you left it loading?

Thanks! I made it in Construct 2 :)

Thank you :)

Hey this is great thanks for making it!

Afraid not, the Steam key only applies to purchases.

Hello, did you purchase the game? The Steam key is only issued for games purchased (at any price).

Sorry I'm mistaken about the Steam keys, they're only valid if you purchase the game.

Sad news, Volo is a special project but nobody can really predict how these adventures will turn out. Excited to see what you guys do next, I'm sure the lessons and experiences learned from Volo will benifit you greatly in the future.

that's really fantastic to hear thank you, very glad you are enjoying it :) glad the issue seems to be fixed pleaser let me know if anything changes.

hmm sorry to hear that, how are you closing the game? The X in the menu has warnings that it will delete the save if pressed , and pressing it does close the program maybe that's the issue? :s sorry if so,  the menu could be a little clearer... if this isn't the issue please let me know. Escape at the menu will close the game normally.

Does this let you import and playback events made in Fmod Studio?