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hi there,

would it be possible to have a html file of this for offline playing?

also, i'm blind and use a screen reader,

most of this is accessible, thank you!

there are  read only edit boxes with stuff in like the amounts of gems etc, would it be possible to turn them in to pure text?

would it be possible to add a purks type of system?

or achievements?

druggs how's about interesting drugs that have interesting effects?

just some thoughts of mine,

Majid Hussain

(1 edit)

Hi, thanks for the comment. Accessibility wasn't a consideration when I first made this, so I'm glad to see that it works for the most part. I've been working on getting my sites and games accessible for screen readers lately, I will definitely look into converting those boxes over to text. there is no index file there, so it'll allow you to view the directory right click on the html file and save it. It's a single file, everything is self contained. :) But you won't get updates on your offline version.

For achievements do you mean just within the game or tied to some achievement system somewhere?

For drugs, there are a few things in game that give you effects like that, the Ubertrank and Magic Berry. There is also a Deck of Fate that you can draw from to give you random effects. I could add more, I just stopped because inventory is limited and having more items means needing more space.

Also, please let me know if there are other ways that I can make it easy to play through a screen reader, as I've never designed a game for a screen reader before. If I can make another version with a different layout or something that would help, let me know.