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This is a really nice pixel font =)

To get this in Text Mesh Pro (I wasn't able to replicate ur instructions, the text rendered as gobble-de-goop):

1. Import font .ttf into your assets folder.
2. Window > TextMeshPro > Font Asset Creator.
3. Select CatPentagram from the Source Font File.
4. Set Sample Point Size to 48 and atlas resolution to 1024x1024. 
5. You want to set character set to Extended ASCII and set Render Mode to RASTER_HINTED.
6. Generate Font Atlas, Save as, then use the font like you would in the text mesh pro UGUI component.

Thank you again for this awesome asset, it's really clean, and the icons are a godsend. 

tysm, that means a lot to hear!! im super happy that u like it :D also thanks a ton for the tmp steps, i've added them here for other peeps and credited u by linking ur itch, unless u would prefer i linked somewhere else?