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Hi! This is awesome.. Could you draw 2-3 units?  (warrior, peasant) 

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By now I've made an actual Strategy Figures pack available here:


Hey! Just so the other people here know, I've drew him a peasant and a knight and sent them via mail, fitting the style of my more recent tileset.

Hi, will these 2 be part of the pack (can't find it) or was it commissioned? great job with these packs btw. 

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I made them for him for free because I had a little bit of time. You can download them here:

Maybe I will do a pack full of figures like that in the future, but I've got some other projects to work on! Nonetheless, what figures would you expect in such a pack?


Hi Steve, thank you for the link.

As for the question, maybe a few animals, maybe to represent both wild life or/or stock, a couple different "fight" units


FYI, I just released a complete Strategy Figure pack in the same style:


oh nice, thanks

I finally made a Strategy Figures pack compatible with my most recent hex tile set and similar to the two units I made for you (but better!):