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How do I turn off autosaving?

I saved my game so I could load it if I made a mistake.
I made a mistake.
I load the file I saved.
It had been overwritten four rooms past where I made the mistake…

I have to start from four bosses ago…

Don't get me wrong, the game is great. Just kind of has a few kinks to work out, and not the sexy kind.
I'm rather enjoying the game, it just keeps getting interupted by a few snags here and there.

Err… Let me get this straight - you used 30th slot for a manual save and then tried to load it, right? Well, that’s why I recommend using any other slot except 30th. There 29 more and it should suffice even for a very cautious approach.

Just as I write in the FAQ post, the autosave feature will overwrite 30th slot each time you change your current zone. Besides, due to players’ requests, I made potions that change Ada’s lewd level. You can’t make an irreversible mistake in Yorna.

There’s no option to disable autosaving since it’s harmless and beneficial if you don’t use 30th save slot for manual saving.

I wanted to get Lear's (the fairy') imprint, but because I spoke to Gabby (the Oni), I couldn't get Lear's imprint…

Is there a potion to fix that…?

No, guess you can say it's irreversable if you care about a small dialogue scene.

So, it doesn't matter which imprint you bring? I figured since Gabby's scene had her getting aroused that it was the wrong choice, since the church wanted a crystal that had an imprint that was not marred with lust.

Both will work for the quest. The only difference is in the dialogue scene with monster girls.

Ah… okay, thank you.

It'd be nice if the game didn't allow manually saving in the autosave slot, if that's possible.