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Yeah I did show an FPS a while ago, but that game could take 6 months-1 year to make so it'll be a while before I touch it again. I'm mostly just focusing on smaller games at the moment but I've been taking stuff from that game and implementing them into the new ones. Thanks man!

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you welcome! i will wait, but there`s a game called * ultrakill * its the best FPS game its almost there and its gonna be released on and steam so i may have fun when i buy it and have fun with it until your FPS game released, Good luck!

I played UltraKill a fair bit when it came out, I thought that it was great. I can't wait for the full release!

damn! i really wanna buy it but how? i have no code, soon i will go to my friend he`s gonna buy the game for me i am so Excited!!

I don't think the full version is out yet, I can't remember when it's supposed to be getting released. I'll definitely be buying when it comes out anyway.

the creator said it will be released at 2020 and he also said * it will be probably around 15$

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so that means that the game is almost here, but maybe after 21 days I am gonna buy the game it looks so fantasy and awesome and I am gonna make it as my favourite best game or steam game, I will make a serious on my channel about ultrakill

I thought that it was supposed to come out next year :) I've seen a