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the classic enchain was really awesome dude! and the level design looks awesome and reminds me of those old games that i have played when i was a young kid, i don`t know what to say about this game it`s just really awesome and fun!

there`s a final level in this game probably, i reached it its called dragons end i`ve tried to complete the level but it was hard, there`s so many enemies, i hope to see a video about completing this level that i`ve talked about

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i thought i would never buy this game because it`s not going to be free, but then i just realized that my mom is going to create a PayPal account in order she buys the game for me, i am really stupid, I WANT TO KNOW HOW MANY LEVELS ARE GONNA BE IN THE FULL RELEASE! by the way i am not joking i am ready to buy this game i just don`t have a PayPal card in oder to buy this game, so that`s why am gonna create an account years later so i need a really long time to buy the game

what the fuck did just happen?

what the fuck  am i saying??

beneath dusk

please tell me with which engine you used to make this game, hope it`s unity

lol i like this game, i love it so much, I LOVE IT LOL

i just completed your game and it wasn`t that hard it was fun and amazing i like it! hope Discover our bodies release Quickly

looks dope

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great game, not bad

haha liked it

this game is the best FPS game i`ve ever played in my hole life! Thanks so much T19games! (sorry for the weird lookin thumbnail i had to make it lighty a bit but that`s what i just got)

i am very happy that this game is returned! the best FPS pixelated games i´ve ever tryed! great job!

gonna try the sandbox mode next, very excited!

what will be new? i wonder

hehehe, hell ya

well, your games are great and i am still loving every game graphics that you make everyday, your games are just that great! very neat thing!

this game was freakin great, i love ps1 horror games

all i want to say that this software is not bad, keep up this funny great work

very excited to play this dude!!

will this demo be free?

finally finished the game, i didn`t do a video because it will take time to upload and my internet is not very much strong, just a bit, the game was mega great and fun, and i elso finished seashells, i wonder what will you new next game be

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there are 4 or 5 viruses in this programm, please remake it, by the way how the viruses come to every game?

good game, glad that zou made it, keep up the good work!


bad game

scumhead, if you release the chapter II of the game on and steam, man that would be awesome!

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dude this game was very fun to play! i finally completed the game, i loved the map designs, weapons, and enemies, are you planning to make another game?

i am sad that some game are not been played by Youtubers, but good game, hope the next one be a FPS pixelated game

this game looks Great! i like to see relaxing games like that, Keep up the good work sokpop, we love zour games!!

this game looks better, great work!

uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, why is the behind page looking weird?

lol, that glitch is weird

Great Game!!

this game is awesome!! keep up this cool work, i am Enjoying myself!!!

good relaxing game

i think this is the most famous game ever