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what about a demo pls? pleeeease, i really loved this game, when i was junger i played the game half life, but now i decidet to search a game like half life graphics and i found this one, i really love your games please make a demo for this game i will give this game 5 stars


Great game!! looking nice

please make a demo version pleeeeeeees

i think it will be a nice idea for the people who cant buy the game

will be the full version of the game be for android? please answer me quickly

i dont download the game if i dont know what it is

congrats man!! now you have a game jam!! great job man!!

Yummy!! i love banana, i love you guys too!! i love brigand oaxaca

you welcome as normal!!!

i killed 3 weird things with a sharp teeth so fast!!!!

HEY! i need to be the last one

what about a demo version of your games?

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a really weird game, i wonder if these games have reason why they weird is

cool game man!!

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please make a demo version of the game i beg of you!!


your games are cool! baldi basics is the coolest Game i´ve ever played in my life, i hope that you make more games like these, like pinball or going shopping with baldi and 1st prize something like that, tell us what will you do wenn you finish your full Game

i like this one thoooe

its really amazing 

glad that you made it!

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this is the coolest game i ever played

keep up this cool work

if you dont know me

i am zaramcpe i subscribed to your channel

your game is freakin amazing!!!!!!!!!! it looks like duke nukem 3D!!!!