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Can't get past the rabbit puzzle. I know it has something to do with the ears, but even after reading the comments below, I still can't figure out the right order. I'm sure it's a lovely game, but I'm gonna have to walk away from this one.

My compliments to the artist, the drawings are very nice.

Here is the answer to the rabbit puzzle. This one seems to be difficult to almost everyone. We should have put it after the third one, which is way easier. :/ I hope you'll enjoy the game anyway if you want to give it another try. :-D

Thank you for the solution! May I ask how that was supposed to be interpretted? I understand it has something to do with the ears, but I'm not quite sure I follow the logic behind it.


You're actually supposed to take the example from the first level and use it for this one. In the first level, you can see a wave passing just under the black parts of the teeth, thus showing the height of the note. For this level, you have to imagine that a wave is passing through the picture and that the ears are the blank parts of the teeth.

But a picture should be better for understanding. :-D