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You're actually supposed to take the example from the first level and use it for this one. In the first level, you can see a wave passing just under the black parts of the teeth, thus showing the height of the note. For this level, you have to imagine that a wave is passing through the picture and that the ears are the blank parts of the teeth.

But a picture should be better for understanding. :-D

Here is the answer to the rabbit puzzle. This one seems to be difficult to almost everyone. We should have put it after the third one, which is way easier. :/ I hope you'll enjoy the game anyway if you want to give it another try. :-D

Yep, this puzzle was really annoying to almost everyone I think, while the following puzzles were much more easier... My bad for creating puzzles that are a bit far-fetched. xD

Thanks a lot for your compliments, it really makes me feel happy. :-3 The whole team should still continue to work on video games (maybe not together though), so feel free to follow our pages. :-P

Congrats for beating the game! The bunny section is actually the worst one. We tried to make everything easy to understand for the player, but it was quite a challenge. :/

I hope you still liked it. :-D

Thanks a lot! :-D We had a lot of trouble finding out how to make the puzzles clear to the player, yet it is still not perfect. :/

Tip for you if you want to give it another try : you should check the transparent parts of the movable items. :-P

It refused to run? You couldn't open the game, or you had a crash or something? :-(

Nice, hope I'll enjoy them. :-D I'm planning to make more games in the future for game jams, but also for projects (school or personal)! It should also be the case for the rest of the team. ^^

Thanks a lot for your video! It was really fun to watch, I'm glad you loved our game that much! Working on it was really cool for me. :-D
I actually made some changes on the game a few days ago, with better lighting in the third chapter and with the ambient sounds we didn't had time to implement!
Sadly, we're not planning to work on another pop-up storybook, as our team was created especially for GGJ 2019, but I would love to. :-D