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Gave this a play, it was fun trying to figure out what actions would lead to each death, but I tried just about every combination, got all 5 death scenes, and couldn't get the game to progress. I even tried just resetting after getting all 5 scenes! Still fun though.

Hey sorry about that, but I'm amazed you made a video of it!

Please note you should try ending the day immediately after resetting. It may work!

Whoa whoa whoa, I finally watched your video... Turns out you completed the game, it's just... It seems you weren't able to progress. Could it be you used a different version other than Windows? I'll look in the code to see if perhaps the order you've completed them in were off.. I'm super impressed you completed the game so fast, a shame you didn't get to see the ending. I really would've liked to watched your reaction on it (You struggled those last ten minutes... rip [so sorry]), anyways... Try resetting the game and starting from the bottom up (hint hint) after skipping everything, hopefully that'll work for you.

Heh, well that's a relief! It was driving me a little crazy wondering what I could possibly be missing. I am using the Windows version, if that helps. I'll give it a try again and see if I can get to the ending. If I do I'll be sure to record and post my reaction to it.

Also, thanks for creating such an interesting game! Even if my playthrough got bugged, I still had a lot of fun experimenting and figuring things out! :)


It took a little doing, but with the help of Kymarai I got the ending, and holy carp I was not expecting that! Spoilers in the video, don't watch until you've gotten it yourself!