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Had a lot of fun with this one. Definitely an interesting take, and I loved how the ending went!

This was a lot of fun, and honestly Seth's voice acting really made the game for me. Hearing him shout BOARD UP YOUR WINDOWS and everything else was just perfect. 

Ohhh, I did not! Good catch there, the scares are everywhere xD

This was really interesting. I wish the monster had a bit more to it, but it was a fun experience all around.

Husk starts at 12:42 of the video.

This was really, really good. It took a bit to get into, but the demo was great in both graphics and sound design. I'm not sure if it was just supposed to close at the end or if I hit a bug, but I'm eagerly looking forward to more!

Blind starts at 6:17 of the video.

Gave this a play, it was really neat! I was left wanting so much more, hope you continue this at some point.

This was a terrifying experience. Honestly if the game was any longer than this I think I may have died from fright xD Really well put together. Great sound design, and those jumpscares! Thanks so much for this!

This was adorable. The jumpscares were alright, but honestly I loved the humor and the voice acting more than anything. And what a twist ending! :D

This game did an excellent job of ramping up the tension. Each day I was wondering what fresh hell I was going to experience, and I was never disappointed. The sounds were on point, and seeing the creature emerge from the TV was just as terrifying as you'd expect.

I just wish there was more :D

This was really interesting and well done. The sound was on point, and the style really fit the theme of the game. Not to mention the scene where you find the sister. My only critique would be the gun/stun mechanic took a lot of the tension out of the game. Also, I think it would have helped if Siren Head wasn't always making noise. Knowing where he was at all times made things a little less scary. It would have been even more terrifying if after you lost him, he quieted down, only for him to reappear somewhere ahead and blare a siren. Anyways, this was great, and I hope to see more!

I had the privilege to play the original version and the updated one post jam. Holy cow man, the update gave me chills. The first one was good, but you took everything to the next level. I honestly would love to see more of this, or even more in your style!

Gave this a play. Couldn't figure out the secret code no matter how many times I listened to it, but other than that (and breaking the game and falling through the world) this was really cool, very creepy!

Great game! I love the aesthetics, though it took me a bit to figure out the ending. Lots of fun, great job!

Very interesting, that second scare got me good. Looking forward to more!

Part 2! This game just got better and better. I was disappointed when I reached the end of the demo only because I wanted to keep going! Great work, can't wait for the full release of this!

This has been fantastic so far! I don't even think I've gotten through the whole demo yet, but already I'm feeling the sting of the choices I've made. The sound direction and the graphics are great. I can't wait to see what more there is, and for the full release of the game!

Interesting. I can't help but wonder if I missed anything. It seems like there is more to the story than what I saw... perhaps if I'd chosen different dialogue options? In any case, this was a neat point and click game, and the creature and implications at the end definitely gave it a sinister feeling!

Very interesting. The sound and music were spot on, really amped up the feeling of dread. And after I play this, I find out there's a sequel in the works! Super excited! Thanks for the game!

Your pixel horror games never disappoint! I hadn't heard of The Wind before, but the game totally made me want to see it, and since it's made by the same people who did the Babadook I'm even more interested!

Great job on keeping the sense of unease and horror going throughout this game. I wish I'd read that this was the second episode and played Cyborg Seppuku first, as I'm sure the end of this would've made a ton more sense. Still great! Looking forward tot he next one.

I'm still loving everything about this series. The little attention to detail really sells it, but the story and gameplay are also great. Can't wait to see Episode 3!

This was great! Some good and creative jumpscares (I think the peephole one got me the most!), interesting mechanics, and some great music to boot! If anything, I just wish it was longer.

I also appreciated all the developer's insight, including the fun easter egg! 

This was a really neat experience! I only wish I had uploaded my video before submitting the first form, as now I'm curious what my form  73-D would have said with that added in. 

I'm excited for the remake, but don't sell yourselves short. Grandma was a great experience, and definitely a legit game!

This was great! The graphics were beautiful in that haunting sort of way in Little Nightmares. There was just enough story that I had an idea of what was going on without it being openly telegraphed, and the mirror mechanic was great! I honestly would love to see this expanded upon.

This was amazing (and makes me totally forgive you for TEHGE :P). Love the atmosphere, the graphics. If anything my only complaint is that the game ended! I'd love to see this expanded upon.

Hah, if I had a Nokia torch I'd have nothing to fear! I'd just keep it between me and whatever monstrosity lurks in the dark, and I'd be pretty much invulnerable xD

I absolutely hated the flashlight in this game. It kept making things slowly form out of the darkness, which only made everything creepier! Great demo, looking forward to seeing what comes next!

This was really a lot of fun! I enjoyed the story and the atmosphere, and it was great to see a FNaF fan game that didn't retread so much of the tropes of the series. My only complaint was the lack of music and sound in the game, which I think could have really helped build up the tension. Still, lots of fun! 

Got to the End! Or what's currently the end I suppose. This was still amazing, even if that Pink Key was a huge pain. Really can't wait for the next part.

Short but amazing! The sound design in this game was great, and I love the art style. This game would be amazing to be expanded upon, but I love it as is! Thanks for making such a fun experience.

You know the problem with playing the demo extensively looking for a way to complete it? It means I get caught totally unaware by the new scares 0.0! Fun so far, though I have to say the locked rooms part has been kind of a pain, but I'm gonna get through it!

This was a blast! My only regret was I didn't turn around to see what was chasing me at the end of the game! The mystery will forever haunt my nightmares....

Clock Tower was one of the very first horror games I ever played, so this is awesome simply from that. Great way to mashup two different things, looking forward to your next work (or an update to this, I wanna know what's behind that last door! :P)

There were a lot of great moments in this game. Some of the scares came of a little silly, but it got me good multiple times. 

So, wasn't too bad. You could definitely expand on some of this, there's a good base for a game here. Also, your text sometimes goes off screen :P