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Thank you for this great experience! I haven't read any of the other comments, but I have a couple of constructive points:

  • It would be great if the 'bridge' (meaning the line the notes reach and must be played) could be closer to the key labels, to make it a little easier to keep your eyes on both!
  • I love the way the music keeps rolling, but I would really like to have to 'master' the instrument before I'm able to move on. For example, you should be able to hit all the notes three times in a row before it's 'collected'.

But otherwise a fantastic game, well done!

Hey, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for giving detailed feedback! :) 

So regarding your points:

1. I actually moved the bridge up recently to make it more clear when to hit the notes, but I might look at adjusting this more in the future. 

2. That's a really helpful observation, I showed the game at an event last weekend and what I noticed was some people could very easily complete levels once they understood the mechanics. However, some people found it really difficult to complete some of the tracks, even once they got the hang of the basics. I'm going to try and think more about how to balance the game difficulty for different players, as ideally I'd like to have a way for both sets of people to feel satisfied with the game.

Thanks :)