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Thanks for that! I was hoping to receive some feedback on the game - that was the reason why I decided to release the tech demo - and it looks like I got just the stuff I wanted! 

Here are my comments to some of your input:

Amazing pixel animations

Thanks! Credit goes to Kurt (, the freelance artist who was the main UI designer.

Fantastic gun sounds, really nice armored soldier movement sound

This one is mind-blowing - the armored soldier movement sound is the one that I dislike the most :) I guess it's all a matter of taste.

Music is nice, a high quality composition.

I know, right? Credits go to the awesome Jessica Kelly (!

GO-There could be commanded by the LMB

I believe it should be configurable. Mutant Year Zero is using LMB, XCOM uses RMB. I spend more time with the latter, that's why I've decided to use it.

'Weapon hot' for Agnes Highmore status doesn't cool down fast??!!

That's an interesting point! The weapon heat mechanism was not supposed to allow auto-cooling at all. Player needs to manually reload the weapon to cool it down. That being said weapon being cooled down by itself seems like a normal thing that should be happening. I will surely be putting more thought in to the cooling mechanism - especially as I want to indroduce some more depth to it.

Congratulations to the Family Enterprise! Saw your family in the credits. KUDOS for the achievement: making them work! 

Haha, thanks. That is what family is for, right? ;)

Again, thank you for fantastic feedback - I will surely put it into good use!