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When ever the game page loads it gets stuck on a white screen.

Thank you again!

I suspect it might have something to do with how it detects the language in your OS. 

I changed the script and just updated the game. If you're able to test it again, I'd appreciate.

If it still doesn't work, I'll provide a Windows version too.

It might just be me! But it is still not working.🤔

Makes most sense to reply here - It's still not working for me either. Using windows 10. Just a white screen, There is s brief gray rectangle with a loading bar, but it appears for a split second before the white screen.

This is what is happening to me.

That's unfortunate.

I removed the language detection for HTML5 and updated it again, but now I also added a build for Windows and for Android.

Again, thank both of you for your time.


It works for me now, great game! Glad you got it up, even if its not html5.