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Looks great, want to see more :) If you want Slovenian translation somewhere down the line, let us know. Also, there was a small bug in the boy's room. I clicked around the darkness looking for stuff to interact with, but all I ended up doing was making the text interface disappear somehow. After that, anything I clicked on would not produce a text description or interact with me. I couldn't talk to the boy or go down a corridor. I have enabled "Statistics", so it should be logged in your system about 10 minutes ago. The bug wouldn't go away after I quit and clicked "Continue game" from main menu. I had to reinstall from the downloaded .exe and then click "Continue game".  Hope it helps. :)

Hello Gamejjine Games, thanks for your enthousiasm :) We will probably look for translators for the final release.

Thanks also for the bug report, we will look after it ! But you know.. The Swamp is full of bugs :)