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It would be nice to see employee stats before I hire them. Seeing the perks is fantastic and helpful, but I'd also like to see how motivated they tend to be. I ended up hiring a manager who caused EVERY project he worked on or led to be late.

I've noticed the janitors and handymen don't really do their jobs very well. I've had things break down, but they don't get fixed. I ended up yelling at my screen because my janitor left a pizza box on the floor for DAYS, preventing me from placing the desk I wanted to put there.

That being said, I look forward to the full release.

EDIT: ALSO!  It'd be nice to be able to remove the boxes from the filing cabinets so the papers can be moved into the much more efficient shelves. I expect you had this feature in mind already, but I thought I should mention it in case it slipped by you.

For anyone interested, I found this layout to be very efficient (if you forgo the filing cabinets and wait for the shelves). Of course, it only works with minimal employees.


Thank you playing and for all the feedback! I'll try to improve on the issues you mentioned in future versions.

I've already implemented moving furniture out of filing cabinets and shelves, since it was a much requested feature, so that will also be available in any new versions.

Nice layout as well!