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Hiya! Been playing the game for a long time (couple years anyway) and wanted to let ya know I was blown away by the end of A debt to pay quest. I'm so used to Alina being a relative jerk to the hero (who, to be fair, is a pretty big jerk) so seeing the end of her love quest was really eye-opening. Alina's mentality takes a whole new level knowing why she acts the way she does, and seeing the MC act...more normal and caring surprised me! Very well done!! :) 

EDIT: I'm finding the 5 minute countdown in Stranger things to be impossible, given that the enemies respawn if you club them before the countdown, seem to be aggressive in going after you, and take awhile to beat (more so when an enemy does some spell that take 20 seconds to go through the animation, then the next enemy does the exact save thing). Is it intentional to be a difficult race against the clock? I'm lucky if I can get to the save point in running away because they all seem to want to chase after me and "running away" isn't an option...


Glad to hear that you enjoyed the quest, it's always great hearing how much fans enjoy our work!

As for the countdown in Stranger Things, originally the 5 minute countdown was doable, however after we added in the AoE rebalancing in this release we got a lot of reports about 5 minutes not being enough. Look forward to the next release where we've slowed down many of the enemies during the countdown as well as extended the timer to compensate for the extra time the fights would now take!