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Thanks so much for the feedback! So much appreciated!

We'll work on making the 2 storylines of jenna being slutty and the main story work better together :)

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thats a noble goal, but dont hang yourself up on it too much, because it might be really hard to do... 

I mean where are we right now, we have a girl who gets high in having countless strangers fuck her boobs and mouth all night, literally took over a bar to have her private brothel to grope and group f*ck her and literally became addicted to cocks... who is looking for her one true love who happens to be a woman... 

I mean, in the slut route there are multiple points where she almost literally says "fuck my Girlfriend, this is me now!"

I think even with good writing, and I think we can totaly trust your team on that point, these two characters cant be merged into one any more... xD

But like I said before, both Story Lines work very well on their own^^