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thats a noble goal, but dont hang yourself up on it too much, because it might be really hard to do... 

I mean where are we right now, we have a girl who gets high in having countless strangers fuck her boobs and mouth all night, literally took over a bar to have her private brothel to grope and group f*ck her and literally became addicted to cocks... who is looking for her one true love who happens to be a woman... 

I mean, in the slut route there are multiple points where she almost literally says "fuck my Girlfriend, this is me now!"

I think even with good writing, and I think we can totaly trust your team on that point, these two characters cant be merged into one any more... xD

But like I said before, both Story Lines work very well on their own^^

Awww, cmone, you cant end on such a downer :( I am not even in the mood to visit the Gallery after that ; _ ; 

Honest talk, great game. At first I thought it just a "Slut simulator" (and a  good one) game, but hell did that turn around once we got to Wildfire... 

Dont get me wrong the twist was pretty clear, but hell, even if you knew it coming, it hit really hard just by the way you handled it... Left me real down in the end, whch is overall a bad thing, but speaks for your game... 

Cant wait to see how the story goes on^^ (Both sides, while I dont think they go well together, just because, well for a girl who reacts like that in the end, Vibe really had too much fun in town xD, both individually make for a great game). 

Honestly, I dont think I really liked any Hentai Game that much for the non-Hentai aspects since the Legend of Queen Opala games or Sengoku Rance...