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I love the game so far! only played about an hour so far, just exploring every crack haha. It's beautifully designed with timing implemented in the mechanics. I just want to know a couple of things:
          How do you equip armor without using an item slot? Is there an "armor" tab that I don't know about yet? 
          Are there any other towns/villages in the game, other than the one at the start? Can I expect to meet new characters and find a plot, or do I just train better monsters to be able to get further away from the starting village?


I have one last comment lol. I don't think the complexity should decrease at all. having the option of 3 weapons at a time is awesome. timing auto attacks for maximum speed is awesome. having to craft everything you want is awesome. If anything, the complexity could slightly increase to make button combos do special attacks: for example, a lunge from the foil followed by a slam from the axe, with the correct timing ofc. Sorry for the essay, I love this game so much I just want the best for it can you blame me?!


Just actually today, I was thinking about something similar to your weapon combo system. There may be hope for that mechanic in the future!

Thanks for playing Creature Keeper! There isn't an armor tab or anything and the current armor system will be changed in the future. There is only one village in the demo, and the plot will be introduced later.

That's EXACTLY what I thought, also why can't you befriend ALL the monsters? I get that you have to kill the same species of monster multiple times to learn more and more about the creature. But they also don't give new descriptions, just small icons. I WANT to befriend the Zombie crawler, or the weird wizard that zaps you. That's the beauty of Pokemon was that you could catch every creature, not just "some".