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Game crashes shortly after the selection of "someone fun" or "somenone classy". Reloading the save file to for example the section of the "contract negotiations" doesnt seem to help either. Do I have to start from the beggining or is there some bug :) ?

Hello! Sorry for the inconvenience. It seems like you are experiencing a known issue. Save files from Build 0.1 that weren't late enough into the game have that issue. Below is a way to fix it -- go back to Build 0.1, make sure your save file is just before the teaser for Build 0.2, save, then start Build 0.2.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience.

If the bug persists you can restart the game -- use the Skip button, it should get you through the game in less than a minute. Again, sorry for the inconvenience. We are look into ways this issue won't happen again in the future.


Hi. Thank you for your response. Later on a realised it was possible to skip the error, following several others till the switch to the new chapter. Since at the fur selection no change happened I realised its graphically stuck at the original look of the character.  I tried a new game and the error did not appear. and also the look of Asterion was corrected.