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I'm glad you're enjoying the game!

The uncensored patch is available from my website:

There are instructions on that page for installation.

Wonderful, thank you! Just one (okay maybe two) question more. What does the "Auto-Forward Time" option in preferences mean? Also, is every male character in this game romanceable? Well, maybe it's best if you not tell me exactly, I'd be crushed if I couldn't romance lovely lovely Adam, haha jk. So, I guess to clarify, do all male characters  have a romance plot-line or just some? Thanks again for your help.

Auto-Forward time makes it so you don't have to click and it'll automatically advance the text. 

Not every male character is romanceable. There are four normal routes (with good and bad endings) and one secret route.

After you complete the game once, there's a Game Difficulty option that unlocks that makes the routes easier to complete. (The first time through is really about coming out and getting to know people.)

Got it, thank you!!