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Yay!!! I know that's so much work, but I'm proud of you for doing it and putting it out there.  

I look forward to playing it and testing it out, I'm certain I will enjoy it.

Again, great job! I really want you to know that this is no small feat, and that I appreciate all the great effort that you've put and are putting in this game. <3

Okay, cool! Sounds wonderful.

And you've got this! I believe in you! You've already done so much, so you can do it~!

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Hi, this game is amazing, first off, just want to let you know. Don't know when you're planning on finishing it but I'm excited to see how you'll do it, I'll definitely enjoy it even more when you're done I'm sure. You're doing great work.

Now to my question. How does Summoning work? I was wondering since I got to the point where Rodolphe joined me and mentioned that he would go with me to deal with the Toad King, but whenever I get to the swamp and try to summon him, I'm not sure how to do it and it doesn't work, all it does is click on the way to the Toad King and I get that ending. Please let me know in general if there's any further ways to progress in this game (I'm pretty sure getting to the upper level with the janitor is the furthest you can go, but I'm happy to be wrong). 

So TLDR; I'm not sure what summoning does or what situations I can use, including situations where Yuvee may be useful, I have no clue.

Got it, thank you!!

Wonderful, thank you! Just one (okay maybe two) question more. What does the "Auto-Forward Time" option in preferences mean? Also, is every male character in this game romanceable? Well, maybe it's best if you not tell me exactly, I'd be crushed if I couldn't romance lovely lovely Adam, haha jk. So, I guess to clarify, do all male characters  have a romance plot-line or just some? Thanks again for your help.

Hello! First of all, I would like to say your game is amazing. It's very honest and makes me happy that such a game exists. I really appreciate putting all of your work into this, it really does make it special and can't say how thankful I am for what you have created and done. So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I do have a quick question though if it wouldn't be bothersome to ask. I was looking at the options once to figure out how to rollback dialogue but discovered there was an option for uncensored nudity. I, of course, wanted to turn it on (for scientific reasons of course :P) buuuut it said that to enable the toggling of nudity, I'd have to download the nudity batch. My question is, since I downloaded the most recent version of the game (literally today, November 12, 2019) where can I find this nudity patch and download it? Please let me know whenever you're able. Thank you so much!

Sincerely, Gumihai

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I also don't know how to do anything with the dog, whenever I try to name it it doesn't work. And that's the only option I have. Also, is there any way of progressing in the game right now after running food and drink errands for the jester and telling Bernard about it? It just kinda feels like I'm stuck. If that's it for now I totally understand. Sorry for all the questions and thank you so much for your work and effort on this game, it really paid off. :)

EDIT: It also feels like sneaking into the camp to defeat the bosses would be a next step but idk if that's possible now, if it is, do I need to improve my relationship with the bandits by increasing their attitude?

Alrighty, so quick question for you all. How exactly can I get Bernard to go on a hunt with me? I already talked to him about hunting many times and I know I need to go over there and talk to him on Fridays, but though it says Friday evenings are when he can go out, the shop is closed at night and I lose my chance. When I talk to him in the day on Friday, nothing comes up. Just the normal talk subjects. Do you guys have any advice?

P.S. I have a high enough relationship with him too to move things further.