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Good news everyone :

Game was submitted ! Check here if you want to play. At the moment, there is only a windows version. I'll probably add a Mac version as soon as possible, I don't have a Mac so I didn't test if everything is alright.

A little summary about this experience : it was two crazy weeks. I worked 4 hours each day on it, but I was thinking about Inspector Waffles all of the time. I really wanted to do a classic point&click game, and a great little game, and I think I'm quite close of what I wanted to do at first.

The story was written in one hour, and I have no idea, after the witness part of Fluffy dead, what the next chapters should be about. If people really like it, I will continue this adventure. Most of the point&click aspect are done, I need to write the story and draw A LOT. And add animations, to make a game more beautiful.

If you want to see more of Inspector Waffles, help me to make it happens :)

Thanks everyone for your feedbacks during these 2 weeks ! If you are interested by Inspector Waffles future, check My twitter account !

See you next time !