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Play on Mac.

01. Download Mac
02. Rightclick file "" and open with "The"
- - Don't have "The" to to the app store and get it.
- -
03. It will create a new file named "" or ""
04. RightClick on the new file it created and click Open
05. You will get "“” cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified."
06. Click Cancel
06. RightClick on the new file it created and click Open again
07. You will get "macOS cannot verify the developer of “”. Are you sure you want to open it?"
08. Click Open
09. You might get "Do you want the application “” to accept incoming network connections?"
10. Click Allow
11. You should now see that game. I hope this helps.

* * This is not the only way to get the game working, but it is how I got it working.
* * If I did it any other way I got "The application “creaturekeeper” can’t be opened."

brilliant:) it works, but when the first text box about having fun (with the controls shown), it then wont allow any input from trackpad or keyboard. keep pressing the trackpad and A/ENTER and it just stys the same - music is playing.

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Hello, see if this helps.

01. Start Game
02. Click Options
03. Click the keyboard icon
04. Click save
05. Hit Esc on your keyboard
06. Click Load or New Game