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Edit: sorry for the quick posting (I hope it's not considered spamming) but I managed to open the file with MS paint, and came up with this:

A streetlamp. Behind it, what appears to be a river surrounded by forest. Anyone in for the brainstorming?


If you zoom into the picture you can read 11/15/19 on the bottom left. 

No clue what it could mean. Maybe when the next hint is coming?

Good find, I missed that!

I don't know what the date means... it can be the date of the next hint, or maybe playing the game in that date will trigger new events.


I opened the file in notepad, noticed it was originally a photoshop file. It also mentioned layers. It 's probably nothing, given how pretty much anything painted in photoshop would have layers, but I tried to see if I could pull it into Sketchbook Pro as a tiff or psd file to keep the layers. No luck. IDK if you or anyone has true Photoshop, but it may be worth a shot if you already own it. Sketchbook Pro wasn't able to read the file, so I'm not exactly having a lot of faith in that idea.

Also, call me crazy or perhaps I've just stared at it until it looked like ink blots, but in the hazy black stuff around the top, it looks like there's a thumbprint in the top right , and a bird flying away from the lamp in the top left.


I had opened it in notepad once before and thought nothing of anything inside, but this made me want to look into it again. As far as 99% of of what's inside nothing seems useful except an interesting date I highlighted. It reflects the 1987 of the LOG_test.

If we're supposed to figure this out before the 15th, we may be SOL. Ha

How did you open the file in MS paint?

Right click on the file --> open with --> other apps. In the window, there are "Recommended apps" and "Other apps": click "other apps" and choose Paint.

(P.s.: I'm using Windows 7, I don't know how it works in Windows 10, if you have that)