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Godly Avenger

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It works for me, but it flickers so much to the point that I can't make out the bottom half of the playable window. Is there something wrong with my settings?

Due to certain reasons, I've been taking a hiatus from Itch. I'm back now, so when I have time (school ugh), I'll make sure to check it out. Thank you!!!

Sorry for the late reply. You go to Adobe and get something called the Flash Debugger. You can run the game in that. You can find a previous version if you want to run as an exe (though it's glitchy).

How can I download this game?

I really like the game. The art style is gorgeous and the music is beautiful. The puzzles aren't too hard either. That said, it was a bit tedious to go down. It takes so long! Sometimes the comics boxes won't load. Once one frame loaded, but the one before it didn't. Other than that, great game!

Never mind. I figured out a way to turn it into an .exe!

I can't play the game because it requires flash player.

It's sad because .swf files aren't runnable anymore.

I don't see it. Could you circle it please?

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What arrow? I downloaded the .exe.

I wanted to play, but I have a touch pad. That means that I don't have a left or right mouse button.

There's no way to download...

You can download this for FREE on the Lexaloffle BBS.

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How do you run the program in full screen? Alt+enter doesn't work for me

Will the full version ever come out?

I can't open the D3D version, only the OpenGL. It says "The code execution cannot proceed because d3dx9_42.dll was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem".

Hi, I can only see the top left quarter of the game. Please help. I have a UHD computer if that might help.

Yeah...I changed it to my resolution and the title page is gone now. I just see the background. I have a UHD computer.

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How do you run it? I have never heard of lyx, lnx,  or o files!

Hi. I am playing on a windows PC. When I play, the left half is cut off. Please help

where in the world can I use the crypt key?

Is there an ending to this game?

Chapter 8 is impossible

I really liked it. People are complaining of the difficulty, but I thought it was easy. Probably because I used to be a Leap Day god (mobile game with the same controls). If I had to give any critiques, it would be to make some more levels and add a bit more story. I don't know if the cat is stuck in a nightmare or is something supernatural happening? Anyways, good job and I will be looking forward to a bigger game or a sequel, should you make one.

Will you release a full version later on?

I can't download it! There's no download button.

Really want to try this game, but looked at the list of known errors. When will the errors be fixed? I really want to try the game.

Hi. I checked back after some time to see it loaded. It just took a little while. I play on Microsoft Edge on Windows 10. Everything is fully updated (I don't know what version it is though). I tried to play it, but I kept forgetting the guidelines you wrote to prevent crashing. It seems like a great premise, but I will put it on the shelf until the bugs have been ironed out. Good job on creating a great game though!

Love IT!

Really liked it.

It's a bit too difficult. I don't even know what a SCART is. How do you insert it if you can't move the TV or table??

Seems like a very good game, but it wouldn't even load. I turned off my adblockers.

The fullscreen feature is messed up and otherwise it's tiny. When I go into full screen, it doesn't go all the way and it gets very blurry.

Is this a demo? If so, when will the actual version come out.