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Hello there!

I absolutely love the parallax maps that you made for this game, and the character is adorable! I'm pretty impressed with all your visuals, actually.

However, I don't know if there's a bug that I found, or I just did something wrong: In the part where you run away from the villagers and into a tiny house, I find the key, but I can't use it on any of the doors, and I can't go outside either. I tried finding the menu button to access the items, but it doesn't look like you have one?

Hi kindaw! Thank you for your kind words.
There's no menu. So you don't need to use the key that way.

The key is to be used on the window, which is locked. You just have to collect the key and the window will trigger an event that let's you leave the house.

Oh I see! Sorry about that then haha. Well thank you for such a quick reply!

No need to be sorry! You're welcome! :)