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You should to capture two flags, listen to the developer and then leave to the main servers list. After that, you should return and repeat the capture of two flags. The developer will ask you something like "why are you come back?" and then he will appear in the form of an eye above the wall in the room near blue spawn. You have to shoot in the eye to see the cutscene with drawing and to get to the screen with the <o> tag and exactly on this screen (without leaving the game) you should type Konami code. Then log file will appear in the folder with exe file.

It didn't work. I did exactly as you said, and no log file appeared.

Man, I am sorry. I have tried to reobtain the log file and it really didn't appear. I think that I accidentally type something else then just a Konami code which allow file to appear. I will try to figure it out today. Sorry for some misinformation! 

No prob. Or maybe it was just a one time thing?

What is the Konami code?

up up down down left right left right B A

It should work if there isn’t any servers you can connect to when starting the game.