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Very interesting little game, much in the mood I like. The basic premise of gameplay is simple. You are stranded between two rooms, that you need to take care about. One room is on the other side of the map to the other. You need to be traversing certain distance to remain in check of the systems located in both the rooms, while the systems repetitively break down, so as to need repairs. The point is, there is a monster hunting you meanwhile you do your things. What keeps the monster away, is your taser gun - temporarily disabling the creature- and the lights, which it appears to dislike. The problem is, both of these things have finite longevity. Gun ammo runs out and the lights burn out very shortly. You need to stay alive and keep the systems healthy enough for certain amount of time, as to win the game. In the end, you need to make your final run to the exit doors, while the monster grows even peskier.

By the way, check out this short movie, it may be somewhat conceptually related, though not cosmic space themed, but more "Halloween" - link HERE.