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Hi there I am a youtuber and I hope to get some support from all of you people out there by living a like and subscribe to my channel.

The game Claustrophobe is extremely short and I hope that it can be much longer than it is now. I feel that the game can be further developed as it is quite plain at simple at the moment. I like the concept of glitching and strange protruding walls so good job for that. The only problem for the game now is the length and storyline for it as it does not explain anything about my purpose in the "Cell" and what I am doing here as a test subject. Overall, I look forward to see a longer version of this game :). Thank you.


Thank you for your honest and great feedback!

Ive been working on the horror project SCP : Escape Root for the past 5 months (which will be on steam) and i dont get to eork on other stuff much but im planning to clear out next week so i can finish this game.

The feedback you give is what i look for when i make a game, thank you.

Also im gonna subscribe.

Thank you so much for subscribing and umm... Give me a heads-up when you are done with your new game :).

I will play it XD.