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Ye sure but its a bit short, ill post the full one really soon.

Thing is i live in iran and there were protests againts the gov so they shut down the internet for a full week, thats why it took me so long to reply and i couldnt even work.

Sorry for that but the full game will be done really really soon.

Sure, will post a mac version too when its done


Thanks so muvh for the video and comment!

Will 100 percent finish the game soon

Thank you for your honest and great feedback!

Ive been working on the horror project SCP : Escape Root for the past 5 months (which will be on steam) and i dont get to eork on other stuff much but im planning to clear out next week so i can finish this game.

The feedback you give is what i look for when i make a game, thank you.

Also im gonna subscribe.

Thank you

Thank you.

I will finish the game someday, maybe in a few weeks.

Ill fix the walking sleed aswell.

Download win.rar and just extract the file by right clicking on the rar file anx pressing Extract.

Well i kinda put it in the "horror" tag because i see the full version of the game getting kinda creepy as it goes but theres nothing horror uin the beta

I was hoping to make this the foundation and built upon it if people like it and then in the game you would know why its called claustrophobe.

I guess that answers your question.

oh its because i was updating the game, you can download now.

Big thanks mate!!