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I don't know if this is a bug or not but when I went to the execution and when I went to the 'Just Observer', it did the same thing as if I went to the '.... is to good for them' with the difference that it is automaticly choose another punishment. Also when I get to the option where I can take the the girl who were supposed to be executed it did nothing .

That is a bug that is fixed in the update which should be dropping soon.

For clarification though (for the correctly working updated function):

Just Observe simply runs the Execution Scene, no change.

Hold the Execution provides the option to try and snag one or more of the Condemned using Reputation or Gold, though both require at least a reputation of 1 with the city (it should at least show you as Positive).

_ is too good for them will let you pick a new punishment for the chance to gain reputation with the bloodthirsty crowd. Currently it is recommended to just pick a lower item on the list (they are crueler as they go) than the original punishment, but that will change when you can start affecting the Kindness/Cruelty of the town in a future update.

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Is there an option where you can check out the person who is about to get executed for example, how beutiful they are? Btw I totally fogot to post the actual code report so here it is:

Not yet. The Execution system is primarily intended to clear the NPC lists and keep it from straining memory, and the “Hold Execution” was intended as a last minute “oh crap, I wanted that person but didn’t get the chance to grab them!” method.

If that is a feature that people really like or want more of, I could easily add in some quick descriptors (ie: The race age name is [beauty level]). Going deeper with a secondary “Inspect” option would involve fleshing out several different systems to give a “purchase a Guild Slave” feel instead of the Event/Scene that it is now. That second option would slate it more for a full, focused feature instead of a quick addition.

I think adding beauty age and perhaps level? Would probably be plenty. It does already mention their race, but as it stands now it kinda requires you to remember their name (which you only see if you actually defeated them) from a random combat session in which i guess you ran out of ropes?