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First off cute little characters :)

The first time I played, spent about 10 minutes moving through screens and waiting to come across anything outside of the eating mechanic. Failed to find anything so closed the game.

Second time I played I spent about half of that before spotting my first character, which then resets you and places you at the start of the next week. The delay between finding characters is honestly far too long, as the only mechanic that has to get the player through 5- 15 screens in between interactions is space to eat. It makes each screen a chore, and for such a small game that's not something you want. I'd bring it down to 5 maximum, tighten the experience overall.

Got to wake 13 without fanfare, week 14 I left the bear starve to get some sort of end state. I was annoyed because I had been doing a pacifist run and not eating squirrels only to have my heart turn black randomly during an interaction. As having a fully black heart does very little except lower potential interactions, shouldn't there be a way to reduce the darkness of the heart? Once it was perma black I just left it go all the way.

Is the point that bears need to eat little cute creatures to survive? Because that isn't really something anyone was unclear about heh.


Hey! Yes, all valid points and we are looking at reworking parts in an update. We created the entire game in about 10 days so yeah, some parts need tweaking.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!