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Big Bad Studios

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Ha Ha! Nice! Hey we just released a  spin off  game  yesterday

¡Me encanta! Gracias

Hey! We have at least 8 characters in the game but we have a handful of others which would like to add at some stage. Right now we're focussed on

Nice! Thanks for taking the time to play and make the vid. We have a new demo of our next game

Hey! Yes, all valid points and we are looking at reworking parts in an update. We created the entire game in about 10 days so yeah, some parts need tweaking.

Thanks for playing and for the feedback!

Thanks for playing!

We had originally planned for around 30 but we didn't have time before the end of the jam. I'm going to do an update to correct some balancing this week which should make it clearer about how your heart gets dark and why.

Thanks for playing!