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Great game, lots of fun.

Some feedback:

1. Option on garages to prioritize specific building or resource would be great.

2. Can we get info on amount of magma needed to load one magma turret at max speed.

I like how residence area is growing when scrubber is present. Not sure how that effect is made. It would be cool to add your own qubes on resident buildings. Add-on instead of stand alone building.


Thanks for playing!

1. I'm hoping to just make the trucks smart enough that you won't need to manage them, but I'll have to see how that goes.

2. Not sure I understand? There's no limit to how quickly a magma turret can fill up.

When I build alot of buildings and connect all roads together trucks do take ages to go around but I think that's okay to make the game harder I just have to connect some roads separately with a garage ! 

Love this game!! Keep up the work