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When I build alot of buildings and connect all roads together trucks do take ages to go around but I think that's okay to make the game harder I just have to connect some roads separately with a garage ! 

Love this game!! Keep up the work 

You need to connect mines with a 2 way roads same with some other buildings so what I mean is to go pass the mine entry and to do like a square and go back, not a 1 way road !! 

I just failed 2nd mission my self kept losing power and not much food 😂

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Guys!! This game is unbelievable and very challenging! I just played 2nd mission for like an hour and I lost! 😂 That was really nice tho, love this game! 

When I saw the name on a YouTube video I didn't even click on it I searched and downloaded it asap! Good name , Great game! Will definitely finish it ! 

Keep up the good work!!!