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Top down perspective is possible but I would probably not prefer it unless I consider it e.g. for a mobile adaptation. 

Different levels of armor is also possible but I would prefer to keep this aspect of the game simple and not have multiple different pickups for armor. 

Please post your comments as replies to this post instead of making new posts, as it makes it easier to navigate to previous posts by other users. Thanks! 

do you yet have a confermed date for the next update or is it still a little fogy and i have some ideas for the bullits since there is alot of automatic weapons like the m4 and ak-47 so they would have a few bullits like one version of a bullit that shoots slower but dose more damage but for semi auto weapons since theres only 2 the sniper and pistol so there could be many differet varints of bullits for example one variant of bullits for the sniper that shoots faster but dose less damage another variant  would be a poisin bullit that shoots at the same speed dose a little less damage and poisins the enemy over time and mabey some day the bullits can be added

No idea about the release date yet, my schedule is too busy right now. 

Bullet variants sounds cool but I'd rather consider it for a later update.